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About Lily

   There are many forms of art as there are many forms of humans. I aim to draw attention to the voices/movements of those who are usually quiet. Those who have been yearning to scream out loud for so long but are not sure how. I find comfort and excitement in shedding light (insert classic bum dum chink sound here) on the stories and dances inspired by mental health issues, queer stories, and human rights.


   Lily K. Howder is currently an Indiana based lighting designer. She has an M.F.A from Indiana University in Lighting Design and a Bachelor’s Degree in Entertainment Arts from Northern Michigan University. Lily enjoys digging into the meaning of the work she is exploring. Whether that be analyzing the play, discussing movement, or listening to the music she strives to draw connections and observations throughout the artistic process.

   When Lily isn’t working you can find her enjoying a book (usually teen horror or queer history), watching Grey’s Anatomy, or spending time with her dog. Lily loves all animals but will never EVER turn down a chance to see a dog.


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